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A FLOUR MIXING MACHINE is used for household or industrial purposes. It is used for kneading large quantities of dough. The quality of baking to a large extent depends on the baker, but the equipment people choose has a large impact on the quality of the products.
The supplied VEGETABLE CUTTING MACHINE is very efficient and widely used in many food processing fields especially useful for kitchen and restaurants. It is very practical for commercial production of vegetable slices or chops and fruit cubes.
Stainless Steel Bhatti
We are offering here the Stainless Steel Bhatti that is mainly used for as a tea Bhatti. It's given straight flame and his burner is work silently as a domestic stove. It is a kitchen appliance designed for the purpose of cooking food.
A Commercial Kitchen Equipment is offered by us that is specifically designed to handle the extreme wear and tear of a high-volume restaurant or catering business. This equipment has specific features that are generally not used or not needed in regular household appliances.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Table
The Stainless Steel Kitchen Table can be used to extend a countertop, add extra countertops between appliances or function as its own station. It is perfect for kitchens that need more counter space for food prep or for supporting countertop.
An ELECTRIC KADAI is a round, deep cooking pot that is similar to a Chinese wok but with a tighter diameter and steeper, taller sides. It is used to fry samosa, kachori, french fries, chips , bhajiya. used in kitchen and food stall.
The offered TOSTER is a user-friendly and simple kitchen appliance people can use to lightly cook and toast bread slices so they become crispier, darker, and tastier. It uses infrared radiation to heat a piece of bread.
The offered TANDOOR is heated with charcoal, this is usually used for chicken, naans, and other foods. High temperatures in it allow juices to seal in, resulting in juicier meat as compared to other methods of cooking.

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